‘Burning’ Desire To Craft

Like many crafters, over the years I have tried my hand at numerous crafts. Some years ago I bought a pyrography iron. Initially I experimented a little but didn’t actually make anything. My daughter had the idea that she wanted to create a herb planter for her garden from an old wooden palette. She figured that between us we could make it. So we set to and learned how to use a saw and hammer and to my great surprise we made a half devent job of it to say neither of us had ever worked with wood before. Then she said it would look nicer with a sign and asked me if I still had my wood burning tool. I printed out the lettering on my pc and transferred the design to the wood. I used a large foliage die from Bright rosa to die cut a stencil and used that to mark out the design on the wood. Then, a few hours later, hey presto! My daughter was delighted with the results.

Wood burned Herb box made with an old palette and wood burned using a Pyrography tool, hand made stencils/templates from printed Montic Font and Bright Rosa Foliage dies. - craftybabscreativecrafts.co.uk
Wood burned House name and number plaque made using pyrography iron, barbeque smoking plank and a printed template for the lettering. - craftybabscreativecrafts.co.uk

Some months later, I noticed our house name and number on our gate post was badly worn and made it difficult for taxis/post deliverers to see. I figured if I could make a sign for the herb box, i could probably make a sign for the gate post too. I want a nice piece of smooth finished wood and found just the thing whilst shopping in Lidl. Believe it or not it was a smoking plank, originally intended for giving barbequed food a smoky flavour, it was the perfect size for my needs. Now our posties and taxi drivers plus other visitors can easily spot us.

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