Tattered Lace Lavish Blooms Samples


This was the first set of samples I produced for Tattered Lace using dies from the fabulous Lavish blooms Collection, all of which have appeared on Create and Craft TV. To see full size images and details of dies and materials used just click on the thumbnails.



tla43tla42 tla41 tla40 tla39 tla38 tla37 tla36 tla35 tla31 tla34 tla33 tla32 tla30 tla29 tla28 tla26 tla25 tla24 tla22 tla19 tla18 tla17 tla16 tla14 tla13 tla12 tla11 tla9 tla8 tla7 tla6