Tattered Lace Country Garden Samples

These were, without doubt, my favourite set of dies from Tattered Lace, I was lucky enough to be allocated what, in my opinion, were the nicest set of the collection i.e. the Eltham set, together with a garden bench, tulips, fiddlehead fern and butterflies dies. I had great fun coming up with novel ways to use the dies and made some beautiful dimensional flowers. The trinket box I made for this batch was so popular, I was asked to reproduce it with a full tutorial for inclusion in the Tattered Lace Magazine for which I was actually paid whoopee! (which was harder than you might imagine and involved a great deal of work). These were all very popular when aired on Create and Craft TV apart from the England football one. By the time they went on air, England were out of the world cup and Deano threw the card across the studio in disgust. To see full size images and details of dies and materials used just click on the thumbnails.

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