Tattered Lace Venetian Collection Samples

This was my second outing as a member of the Tattered Lace design team. This collection was made using the Venetian collection dies together with The interlocking ‘With Love’ ovals die, the Tattered Lace Church (D332) die, the rambling rose die that was the cover gift on issue 5 of The Tattered Lace Magazine and the Tattered Lace Basket Full Of Delight die. To see full size images and details of dies and materials used just click on the thumbnails.

tlb1 tlb2 tlb3 tlb4 tlb5 tlb6 tlb7 tlb8 tlb9 tlb10 tlb11 tlb12 tlb13 tlb14 tlb15 tlb17 tlb16 tlb18 tlb19 tlb20 tlb21 tlb22