Tattered Lace CHA 2015 Samples

Lucky me, was chosen to make samples to take over to America for CHA in 2015. I was given Bird of Paradise and Majestic Rose dies to work with. I also used the panorama dies which I purchased myself and other dies form earlier samples. The remit for this assignment was that they should be extra special. There is a considerable amount of work in most of these and not for the faint hearted. The memory book was a labour of love that took me a few days to complete. I bought a hard backed note book and took it apart. I recovered and rebound the book to include colour co-ordinating front and back pages and a ribbon page keeper. I then embellished the front. The wedding card is actually 4 cards joined together to make one extra special card. The Jacobs ladder actually worked, it took days researching how to make and then waiting for all the sections to dry under weighted books after covering them with Tattered Lace printed papers from the CD roms before I could assemble them. I even wrote a poem for the front of the box. To see full size images and details of dies and materials used just click on the thumbnails.

tlh37 tlh39 tlh38 tlh36 tlh35 tlh34 tlh33 tlh32 tlh31 tlh30 tlh29 tlh28 tlh27 tlh26 tlh25 tlh20 tlh24 tlh23 tlh22 tlh21 tlh19 tlh18 tlh17 tlh16 tlh15 tlh14 tlh13 tlh9 tlh12 tlh11 tlh10 tlh8 tlh7 tlh2 tlh6 tlh5 tlh4 tlh3 tlh1