Dotty About Sudoku

Dotty About Sudoku
I love solving problems and puzzles and carry a book in my bag.
I often find it comes in handy, to help when the time starts to drag.
My favourite ones are Sudoku, using numbers one through to nine,
finding the ones that are missing so there’s one of each on each line.
Over time I’ve developed a system, which helps me to fill in each square.
I look up and down all the columns, going through all the ones that are there.
Each number must be in each column, and also appear in each line,
and on top of that one of each number must feature in each block of nine.
I look at each square of the puzzle and visualise three rows of three,
Then number in ascending order, placing dots where I think they should be.
I only use dots when I’m certain, the right square is a choice of two
Then as I fill in some more numbers, the dots tell me what I should do.
I’ve watched other people do puzzles who use tiny numbers instead,
I used to do that when I started, but found that it confused my head.
By a process of elimination when looking at the nine square blocks,
If a number is in one of two squares, I correctly place dots in each box.
A dot in the top left hand corner, for one, then it’s top right for three,
for five there’s a dot in the middle, this system makes great sense to me.
In the process of doing the puzzle, I fill in the numbers I know.
When one dot gets a different number, the other dot’s where it should go.
If you’ve never done a Sudoku, by now you’ll be very confused,
Trying your best to decipher the method of solving I’ve used.
Remember the saying that there is, more than one way to skin a cat,
and even though my way is wacky, it’s mine, that’s all there is to that.

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