3D Frame Wedding Card made using a variety of dies including; Tattered Lace large Panorama dies and nesting rectangles, Tattered Lace double delight adore, Sparkle corner die, Spellbinders Blooms 1, and Flourish from Spellbinder flower bundle set. Britannia Sentiment dies.


    • Craftybabs says:

      Thank you for your lovely comment and interest. If you click on the photograph, you will find details of all the dies I used. It’s basically a Tattered Lace panorama card (there will probably be a video of how to do these online) using the large panorama die set and nesting rectangles that come with the set, to make frames from the inner sections. The card stock I used really gives the card a luxurious but elegant finish. Unfortunately I bought it from a craft show (in a bargain bucket believe it or not) and don’t know what brand it was. It’s 300gsm double sided pearlescent card in Ivory which had a printed design in cream on one side. I used a plain pearl coated Ivory card for the embellishments (300gsm) and, if my memory serves me right, white double sided pearlescent for flowers and sentiments. Hope this helps, but if you need more info, please don’t hesitate to ask. Cheers, Babs

      • Linz says:

        Beautiful card. What glue do you use? Your card is flawless. I use the Pinflair Bookbinders glue but even that is not delicate enough for your work!!!

        • Craftybabs says:

          Hi Linz, Thank you for your lovely comment. I always use high quality PVA, usually Brian Clegg BLACK LABEL PVA (they make lots of different versions but I’ve found the Black Label is the best). I find that it grabs quickly and gives a secure bond on all types of paper and card (I sell my cards so don’t want bits falling off). It’s not as wet as some PVA glues so you get less distortion from moisture when using papers if you use it sparingly. If I can’t get hold of that then I opt for Anita’s tacky glue.
          I dispense my glue into a small bottle with a fine detail/needle nose applicator which allows me to apply the tiniest amounts of glue onto the back of detailed die cuts (you do need a steady hand). With detailed die cuts, I always dab any excess off onto the back of my hand before placing die cuts in position and blot firmly with a sheet of kitchen paper once applied. I’ve never used bookbinding glue so don’t really know what that’s like for paper crafting,might have to give it a try.
          I’ve seen people apply their glue to back of their hand to get it onto detailed die cuts, I’ve tried it a few times but always end up getting in a mess. I use Anita’s 3D gloss to glue on pearls and gems (same as glossy accents but cheaper) it’s also great for glueing on small bows, charms etc, and they don’t fall off, I don’t trust self adhesive gems, I’ve had too many ping off cards and it’s not great for customers if bits fall off their cards, however nice they may be.
          Hope this helps.
          Happy Crafting

    • Craftybabs says:

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment. One of the nicest things about crafting is the sharing of ideas and inspiration. I have benefitted from hundreds of crafters sharing their work, ideas and tutorials. Happy crafting xxx

    • Craftybabs says:

      Thank you Patricia, if you click on the image you will find all the dies used to make this and if you subscribe to the newsletter. my next tutorial will be showing how to make this card, you will be notified in the newsletter when then the tutorial has been uploaded and given the password you need to access it.
      Happy crafting,

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