My Craft Room

1510652_619734658121600_9035011268775777823_nI have a little craft room which is full of crafty stuff.
Each shelf and cupboard’s full to bursting, I can’t get enough.
I’ve had a go at pretty much each craft that you could mention.
So many, I think I could organise a craft convention.
I started out by sewing, ably tutored by my mother.
I made coats and skirts and clothing items one after another.
I also took up knitting, making jumpers, scarves and shawls.
I acquired lots of needles and wool in cones and balls.
One day I bought a magazine with free kit on the cover.
A cross stitch card, and I became an avid cross stitch lover.
I bought aida and silken threads in every kind of colour.
And my sewing bag and knitting bags just kept on getting fuller.
I bought the periodicals and stitched all the free kits.
I went to stitch and crafting shows and I was chuffed to bits.
With time the stitch and craft shows changed,card making was the thing.
A new craft to excite me and, oh boy, did the tills ring.
For stamping and embossing I bought rubber stamps and ink.
Some needed special cleaner others just washed in the sink.
A heat gun and embossing powders quickly joined my stash.
I bought all the accessories when I had any cash.
Card and patterned papers, glitter, stickers and some glue.
Were all there on my shopping list, I’d card making to do.
Then one time at a craft show, I watched a demonstration.
A die cutting machine which really was a new sensation.
I now have a collection, one in every single size,
and every spare penny I have, I spend on different dies.
My crafty stash was multiplying after every show,
We looked around at home to find a place for it to go.
So after some discussion with my hubby I agreed,
That the study would be perfect to meet my storage need.
I got some kitchen cupboards and a worktop on one wall.
With 2 shelves up above, there would be room to store it all.
And so it was, for just a while, then my collection grew.
But luckily my handy hubby knew just what to do.
A few more sheets of shelving, not forgetting the odd bracket,
And bingo I had 2 more shelves, that really ought to crack it.
But what I am about to say will come as no surprise,
The canny manufacturers keep bringing out new dies.
So over on the other wall are three more shelves full length.
To hold the weight they do, they’re reinforced for extra strength.
A wardrobe too, recycled from a make–over upstairs,
Now stands against the other wall to house my crafty wares.
An old veg rack, 3 sets of drawers and boxes stacked up high,
To house the ever growing stash of craft stuff that I buy.
If you want to start crafting, please let this tale be a lesson,
For Crafting is a hobby that becomes a great obsession.

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    • Craftybabs says:

      Thanks for your lovely comment Carole, every word is true. I wrote this some time ago and, yes, have added lots more to my stash since then. Am looking forward to giving my room a makeover in the new year so may add a few more verses to the poem once it’s done.
      Happy Crafting,

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