Ready For Take Off?

Going on your holidays can be a bit traumatic,
a time of great anxiety, when you should feel ecstatic.
Better check the passports, that they’ve not gone out of date.
Check the EHIC cards as when you get there it’s too late
to find out you’re not covered and you have to pay the bill
if you fall or have an accident or wake up feeling ill.
Next check your drawers and wardrobes for the clothes you wore last year.
Does everything still fit or will you need to buy new gear?
It’s no good waiting till you’re there sipping a cool Martini
to find your vital bits are spilling out of your bikini.
And then there’s all the toiletries you’ll need whilst you are there…
Suntan lotion, shower gel and shampoo for your hair.
Take Deodorant and perfume to keep you smelling nice,
or wait and buy some duty free, depending on the price.
A good baggage allowance, can really make or break it.
You’ve packed all that you need, but will the airline let you take it?
You head off to the bathroom, put your case upon the scales,
some things can be worn more than once, you think, if all else fails.
You worry when you’ve finished if you’ll ever close the case,
so when you do the relief puts a big smile on your face.
Last minute checks before you leave, passports, tickets, money,
turn off the water, lock the doors, let’s hope the weather’s sunny.
You jump into the taxi with your partner, friend or spouse,
then as the driver sets off, take a last look at the house.
But when you reach the airport, there’s more anguish waiting there,
you’ll be scanned and frisked and fleeced before you fly into the air.

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