What goes around, comes round they say, at least that’s what I’m told,
and what you give is what you get, unless you break the mould!
Sometimes I have to ask myself whether I give a damn.
I’ve always tried to be the very best person I can.
Unfortunately I have found, not everyone’s like this,
as lot’s of people think is great to use you, take the p**s.
The old adage gives comfort and says Karma will repay
in kind to those who’ve sought to take advantage in this way.
But in the meantime I’ll consider other ways to be.
I’ll start to treat these people in the way they’ve treated me.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not in life for what there is to show,
and morally I’m certain that I wouldn’t sink that low.
But neither am I saying that my self worth is that small,
that I would bust my gut for those who couldn’t care at all.
And being optimistic I will always do my best,
If I’m taken for granted, then I will not be impressed.
The moral of this rhyme, I know, you just can’t wait to hear,
Is; ‘you might con me once, but then, that con will cost you dear’.

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