The Craft Show

I’ve just had a brilliant day
at Event City on Phoenix way.
I could not get enough
of the great crafty stuff
that the stall holders had on display.
To those who are not in the know,
the event was a Stitch & Craft show.
I go to each one
and I have lots of fun,
If you’ve not been, you really should go.
I confess, I’m not short of supplies
and my craft room’s smaller than my eyes
and though I take a list,
I just cannot resist,
especially when it comes to dies.
A die is a wonderful tool,
that cuts paper shapes that are cool.
I need dies, it’s said,
like a hole in the head,
but the new designs just make me drool.
Back home, there’s a challenge I face.
to find, for my new stuff, a place.
spending hours on all fours,
sorting cupboards and drawers,
at tetris I ought to be ace.
By now you are thinking I’m daft
and am obsessed a little by craft,
but I don’t care at all,
because I have a ball,
at my poem I hope you have laughed.

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