The Hairdresser’s

A visit to the hairdresser’s can really make your day.
There’s nothing like some pampering to chase your blues away.
A catch up on the gossip and a lovely cup of coffee,
while you choose how to have your hair, will it be straight or boffy?
I used to go bi-monthly but it’s more often these days,
to keep my locks looking their best and get rid of the’greys’
And once the colour’s been applied, I sit back while it ‘cooks’
I read the glossy magazines, find out the latest looks.
My favourite is the back wash and I lie back in the chair,
while shampoo and conditioner’s massaged into my hair.
Once I’m rinsed and squeaky clean, I’m combed and towel dry,
will it be just a trim or is there a new style to try.
Then once I’m trimmed and blow dried, it’s out with GHD’s
finally a dab of product has me looking ‘the Bees Knees’
So next time you feel fed up, phone your salon and book in.
You’ll go in feeling gloomy, but will come out with a grin.

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