Summer’s Here At Last

Well really, who’d have thought it?
I for one would surely not,
that we’d finally get weather
That was good and dry and hot.
I’ve never shopped as often,
as I just keep running out
of salad, juice and yoghurts,
hope we’re not having a drought.
Don’t get me wrong I love it,
soaking up the lovely sun,
hoping the neighbours cannot see
the stretch marks on my bum.
It’s just deciding what to eat,
that I find such a chore,
finding something cold and tasty
that we’ve not had before.
And leaving windows open
to increase air circulation,
means chasing flies around the house,
which causes much frustration.
So happy summer one and all,
enjoy it while you can.
Forget your chores and get outside,
it’s time to get a tan.

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