It’s graduation season, all the mums and dads are proud
of their offspring’s great achievements and they want to shout out loud.
On the day of graduation the degrees will be received
and most, if not all, parents will be mightily relieved.
The ceremony’s serious it’s not meant to be funny,
but at times it seems you need to have a license to print money.
The gown hire and the photographs are first things on the list,
and a post-ceremony dinner’s something else not to be missed.
Then hotel, travel, outfits, celebration drinks, champagne?
With everybody hoping it stays fine and doesn’t rain.
Once gown and hood and mortar board are carefully in place,
it’s time to pose for pictures with a smile upon your face.
Off into the great hall where the graduates assemble.
Lots of them get nervous and their knees begin to tremble.
In hushed anticipation they all wait as each name’s called.
As their offsprings walk across the stage the parents are enthralled.
Out will come the cameras, it’s always been the way,
to capture all the memories and record the special day.
The mortar board gets passed around for everyone to try,
most mum’s get all emotional and try hard not to cry.
The day flies by so quickly, you cram all that you can in it.
A momentous celebration you should savour every minute.

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