Sophie’s Graduation

Today’s your graduation and we don’t know where to start,
to set down words that let you know the feelings in our heart.
The obvious is easy, that we’re pleased and very proud,
so pleased, we want to run through town, screaming it out loud.
But how do we convey in words, that you are the fruition,
of all the years invested in a lifetime of tuition.
Not just at school and uni, but in living every day
as daughter, pupil, sister, friend and more along the way.
Each age and stage has contributed happiness and strife,
experiences from the university of life.
And here you stand before us in your gown and mortar board.
A First Class Honours BSC, your right and just reward,
for all the years of study, grit and sheer determination,
that lead us here today to celebrate your graduation.
We have a special saying and we think that it‘s ideal
when we’re fit to burst and nothing quite describes the way we feel.
We say that it’s a tardis moment, we’re so filled with pride,
that our inners feel much bigger than they look from the outside.
A bright promising future lies before our little star
and which ever path you choose Sophie you’re destined to go far.
In September as a med student, you’ll put on your white coat.
for another four years study, there’s a big lump in our throat.
Now you’ve reached your destination it’s a temporary one.
Though you’ve finished on this journey, yet another’s just begun.
As this new route opens up a choice of medical careers,
the ‘Bank of Dad’ braces itself for four more hectic years.
We love you and we’re very proud, much more than words can say.
Congratulations Sophie on your Graduation Day.

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