The Tipsey Poet

I’m sitting alone as a ‘Billy’
Having had, I’ll admit, the odd drink
I’m writing a rhyme that is silly.
I find alcohol can make me think.
A vodka and coke is my tipple
It both helps and hinders, I find.
More so, after drinking a triple,
It does funny things to the mind.
Instead of retiring to bed,
As most sensible people would do,
I write down the thoughts in my head,
to communicate across to you.
My objective is always the same,
that the reader should have a good time,
and whilst writing, I achieve my aim,
when my thoughts are expressed in a rhyme.
So to all of my readers ‘Three Cheers’,
your support I could not do without.
If you thought that I’ve been mad for years,
then this poem proves that there’s no doubt.

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