What’s For Tea?

What’s For Tea?

Does anybody out there have the same problem as me?

when making the decision about what to cook for tea.

Don’t get me wrong, I like to cook, and most of it tastes great,

It’s just choosing what to make that is the part that I most hate.

The family, when all asked, will say that anything is fine,

then refuse all my suggestions of a meal on which to dine.

Sometimes I want to use up food that’s getting past it’s best,

as throwing food away is something I really detest.

My girls have grown and left the nest, most times I cook for two,

but often I still cook for four, the way I used to do.

I bag the extra portions individually and freeze

in the ‘Lucky Dip’ top drawer, for when we need super-fast teas.

At times when I’ve been busy and unable to prepare,

there’s a choice of home cooked meals ready and waiting for me there.

Just defrost in the microwave and in the pan to cook,

no need to prep ingredients or reach for cookery book.

At first I didn’t label them and so I had to guess

and sometimes got a mis-matched pair which ended up a mess.

I found it quite frustrating, when cooking in a hurry,

to discover I’d got bolognaise along with chicken curry.

So now I label clearly and they’re neatly stacked in two’s.

there’s no more mixed up meals and it’s far easier to choose.

We often get together for a proper family dinner,

a roast with veg and Yorkshire puds is guaranteed a winner.

We girls are counting calories, so seldom have a sweet,

but apple pie and custard is the family’s favourite treat.

Since the girls have left home, the tables have been turned,

we’re invited round to sample the cooking skills they’ve learned.

They follow Jamie Oliver and other chefs and cooks,

they produce delicious meals and have collected many books.

But when we get an invite, the best thing by far for me

is that someone else has to decide what we’re having for tea.

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