A Drink In The Local

A Drink In The Local

I’m sitting in our local with a glass of V&C.

A vodka mixed with diet coke’s the drink that most suits me.

I drink it cause I know I’m safe, if tiddly going to bed,

I won’t wake in the morning suffering from a bad head.

The landlady is Nicky and she really is a star,

along with husband Goldie, they know how to run a bar.

A friendly warm environment and seldom any troubles,

with most drinks you could wish for, including cheap house doubles.

A catch up with the locals and friends from far and near,

we walk in through the front door and stagger out the rear.

With Karaoke Sundays and all key football matches,

they’ll even put a spread on for your hatch, match and dispatches.

You can dabble on the lottery and guess the bonus ball.

if there’s a space, pay up and put your name up on the wall.

On warmer days, the beer garden, with seating can provide..

the ideal opportunity to have a drink outside.

Enjoy the unique décor whilst you’re sipping your Martini,

with Elvis on the wallpaper and Goldie’s green mankini.

A skull behind the bar is often wearing trendy specs,

it also chews on coke cans, I don’t think it’s into Becks.

And if you fancy take away, a clip up on the wall,

has menus from the local ones to cater for you all.

But if you’re not that hungry and just fancy a few snacks,

They have crisps, nuts and machines dispensing sweets in round drum packs.

When something is worth celebrating, they’ll put up the banners,

so what are you all waiting for? go, get down to The Tanners

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