A New School Term

A new school term is starting,
all the kids, the mums and dads,
have been and bought the uniforms,
the pencils, pens and pads.
So that they can be ready,
to start the new school year.
There’s a feeling of excitement,
as they pack up all their gear.
You need a second mortgage,
to equip a child for school,
new clothes, new shoes, new stationary,
and new bag as a rule.
They have to be the right ones too,
as each parent will know,
but buying a size bigger,
takes them longer to outgrow.
No matter what you spend on them,
they’ll all end up the same,
frayed and torn even lost,
if not marked with their name.
They’ll screw their blazers in a ball
and throw them on the floor,
’cause looking smart just isn’t cool
and cool kids know the score.
So come early September,
as off to school they run.
pat yourself on the back because,
your job has been well done.

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