The Meaning Of Life

Well life’s a bag of sh** they say
it’s certain that you’ll die
Well, Wow! I am excited. NOT!
so here’s mud in your eye.
To me life’s what you make it,
for bad or good I say.
You snooze, you lose, so take a cruise
the credit card will pay.
Well that’s just what society
would have us all believe,
But me, I’m just a simple lass,
no silken yarn I weave.
Though I can surely spin a yarn
as fine as any queen,
My life’s, the finest tapestry
that you have ever seen.
When I say ‘seen’ I don’t display
my life for all to see,
I’m simply making reference to
things that make sense to me.
As far as I have seen, so far
there are no guarantees,
that life will give you all you beg for
on your bended knees.
From my experience I’ve found
most sane people invest
all their best efforts and support
in causes they love best.
If nothing else, when you have loved…
and lost, or have been touched,
by tragedy and trauma,
or invested all your trust,
in something that affects you
as a person or a part
of something that is very close
to you or to your heart.
You take joy in the simple things,
the fulfilling of dreams,
of achieving shared ambitions and
the happiness that means.
And come the day, cometh the hour
it’s time to close the shutter,
I don’t care less what people think,
it’s ‘I Was Me’ I’ll utter.

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