Bears are here and bears are there,
You can find bears everywhere.
‘Forever friends’ and ‘me to you’
When nothing but the best will do.
I love bears in every size
Even those with missing eyes.
The odd bald patch, a damaged ear,
Doesn’t make a bear less dear.
Some are tatty some are new
Some can mean the world to you.
Whatever type I can’t resist
Every bear yearns to be kissed.
Lots of my friends though not quite all
Have had a bear since they were small.
I have mine, he has no name
I’ve always loved him just the same.
He used to growl when he was new,
My gran bought him when I was two.
I took my bear to school one day,
But I was careless on the way.
I dropped him in a patch of mud
And my poor mum did what she could.
Though cleaned expertly by mum
From that day on he was struck dumb.
Now both my children fully grown
have lots of teddies of their own.
They know I love a teddy bear,
and it’s become a love we share.
We often buy them for each other,
Shared love between daughters and mother.
So if ever we cannot be there,
We can always hug our special Bear.

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