I go to church on Sundays every other week it’s true.
I play guitar and sing the hymns, not just at one but two.
As nowadays it’s hard to find an organist you see.
So my two churches, twice a month, make do with little me.
Though that’s not really accurate, we have a select few…
of ladies singing, Pete on bass and Neil on rhythm too.
One church is small and very old, with stained glass and high ceiling,
and lots of carvings can be seen whilst at the alter kneeling.
Craftsmanship abounds, no matter where you choose to gaze,
made by former generations, offered up with thanks and praise.
Of all the fine examples, the one I like best of all
is a huge embroidered likeness of St George upon the wall.
The other church is modern and contrasting in it’s style,
But just as fascinating if you chance to stay a while.
The craftsmanship’s still evident though more contemporary,
The ceiling’s high which makes it feel much lighter and more airy.
Upon the wall a banner of St Margaret is displayed,
A tribute stitched in fabric and entirely hand made.
No stained glass windows here, UPVC is what you’ll find,
the tallest one etched with the cross which helps focus the mind.
Through this window opposite, a tall majestic tree,
provides a view that is a personal favourite to me.
And within the walls of both churches, a varied bunch of people,
as different as the buildings, one without and one with steeple.
I say steeple quite loosely as it’s more of a small tower.
But whichever church you visit you will surely sense the power,
Of tradition, faith and values, passed down through the generations,
sharing life’s most saddest times and joyous celebrations.
Next time you find yourself in church, no matter what the reason,
a Christening, Wedding, funeral, or to celebrate the season.
Take time to stop and listen, contemplate the mystery,
of all that is encompassed in the building’s history.
A wealth of inspiration, for artist, musician, crafter,
and for those seeking assurance of a life in the hereafter.
So how to end this poem, well Dave Allen’s words will do,
the perfect end to all his shows, “May your God go with you”.

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