The Circle Of Life

Nought to three on mummy’s knee
safe and cosy as can be.
Three to four step through the door,
nursery’s the place that you adore.
Four to eleven school is heaven,
but Big school beckons for year seven.
Eleven through till you’re sixteen,
with friends at High School you’ll convene.
From sixteen college carries on
the education that’s begun.
Results permitting, from eighteen,
at uni you’ll be proudly seen.
And whether four years or it’s three,
you hope to gain a good degree
At last into the world you’ll go,
put into practice what you know.
To live an independent life,
become a husband or a wife.
Or maybe never tie the knot,
contented with the life you’ve got.
A parent maybe you’ll become,
ending back where you’d begun
A baby sitting on your knee
What will this child grow up to be.

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