Time’s always the master, always in charge and control…
of everything in earth and heaven and every mortal soul.
It cannot be resisted, it relentlessly moves on.
A moment once existed is immediately gone.
No moving forward, winding back, no stop button or pause.
As soon as things exist they are caught up within it’s claws.
Time’s never to be trusted, it can move both fast and slow
and seldom moves ideally at the pace you’d like to go.
Have you ever noticed, when you’re stressed and in a rush,
that the minutes fly by extra fast and hours go in a whoosh.
No time to do the things you want, to finish what’s begun.
When time is your opponent, time’s game and match is won.
But guaranteed, when you’re waiting for something in your life,
to ease boredom, confirm success or relieve stress and strife.
Time takes control and ably demonstrates it’s mighty power,
by managing to make a minute seem to last an hour.

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