The Sounds Of Summer Exams

Summer term is stressful for students in year eleven.
Gone are all the carefree days they had back in year seven.
They’re used to being tested, had their mock examinations,
But now it’s more important and leads to qualifications.
Each day they line up at the door, hand in their mobile phones.
Nervous anticipation causes laughter and some groans.
Once papers have been handed out, silence must be maintained,
As the students try to write down all the knowledge that they’ve gained.
At times silence is broken, when someone makes a sound.
The slightest of distractions tempts most students to look round.
Some noises go un-noticed; like a rowdy break-time crowd,
But the sound of pages turning seems ridiculously loud.
The sound of breaking wind has simply got to be the worst,
Most of the exam candidates are laughing fit to burst.
But the sound that staff and students are agreed is just the best…
is when time’s called ‘put your pens down’ and give your brains a rest.

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